American Angel
American Angel
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This fascinating new Novel from Author Henry Robert Espinoza is a delightful and often quite serious romp through the memory banks and imagination of the author and is based on his real life experiences and personal friendship with one of the most famous and accomplished actors in the world today, Nick Nolte. Not only has Mr. Nolte received recognition from his peers recently when he was nominated for an Oscar as a result of his magnificent performance in the highly acclaimed film, “ Affliction”, but he continues to be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, recently starring in Ang Less gripping film, The Hulk”. Mr. Espinoza’s new book also recounts wonderful memories from experiences he had with other famous actors and actresses, including Nick Nolte’s co-star in the renowned mini-series “Rich Man, Poor Man”, Miss Susan Blakely, who the author met while working as a Union Representative for the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood after graduating with honors from U.C.L.A. Law School. Readers may recall Henrys’ work from his recent book in a very different genre, the espionage spy thriller, “Twisted Dragons, Devils Disciples”. This was the first novel in his highly anticipated Three-Volume trilogy about the CIA, the FBI and other U.S. government efforts to find and kill Osama Bin Ladin and the fanatic extremists that revere him and his growing terrorist army who will continue to behead and in other ways kill Americans whenever and wherever they find them…
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Even though I graduated with honors from UCLA Law School, I chose not to pursue a traditional legal career but to follow my love for writing and adventure by taking jobs that allowed for extensive travel here as well as in Mexico and the South Pacific. My novel is great per my unbiased estimation, but in all seriousness may draw interest initially due to its title, which sounds like (at least to me) Ang Lee’s great movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. My new book is titled, Twisted Dragons, Devil’s Disciples.

This is the first book in a three-book series I have already written. Due to time constraints—i.e., the need to earn a living—the second two are on my floor, still in yellow legal pads waiting for me to run the final drafts through my computer. I’d like to complete the other two while the subject matter is fresh in my mind and “on the world” stage, because I have several others involving completely different genres that I want to begin writing as soon as I can.

One of these came about during my tenure as a field rep for the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood where I caught the screenwriting bug like many others in LA. This one will be based on a screenplay I wrote, “American Angel,” and will be titled, “Nick Nolte, Paul Newman, Susan Blakely, Eric Estrada, and Other Actors I’ve Known and Partied With.” It involves my happy and mostly factual recollections of the fun, frolic, and wild times I had during my early drinking days, which mostly included my old fraternity brother, Nick Nolte. Nick and I pledged the local Darian Fraternity at Pasadena City College while Nick also studied acting at the nearby Pasadena Playhouse. Nick was also the star kicker on the PCC Lancers Football Team. Nick was eager to work with Ang Lee and was in his movie, The Hulk, which came out in 2003.

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