An Unlikely Witness
An Unlikely Witness
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Anna Hansen had such fond memories of Emelia, the special doll given to her by her grandparents in Denmark for Christmas in 1937, that she couldn’t bear to pack her up again and leave her neglected in the attic. She must be set out to be adored as she had been when Anna was a child. What Anna didn’t know was that the doll contained hidden secrets about the Reich and their supporters during WW II, information that would put her family in jeopardy and change their lives forever. The discovery of en duke, Danish for “the doll,” after all these years, would lead to a race to the finish, but who would be the winner? Anna’s eldest daughter and her boyfriend rush to discover the hidden secrets while members of a secret society, bent on seeking revenge against those who supported the Gestapo, plot to gain the information they so desperately want.
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Ellen Jensen-Dean, graduated from the Fairview Hospital School of Nursing in Minneapolis. Following a distinguished profession as an RN she enjoys a second career as a mystery author using the medical settings so familiar to her. Vengeance Knows No Limits is the third in the trilogy that began with An Unlikely Witness. In this her fourth novel, she chose to include the social phobia, Selective Mutism, as a malady that the heroine – Bets – was afflicted with as a child. Ellen’s granddaughter’s daily struggle with this phobia makes this a subject one of great significance to her.

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