The ''MIRACLE ROSES'' - A True Story
The ''MIRACLE ROSES'' - A True Story
A Conduit to St. Therese
Perfect Bound Softcover
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MYSTERIES With ROSES – Supernatural Phenomenon – A Sense of Awe
VALENTINE’S DAY soon here – Feb. 14

Valentine’s Day, is known as a holiday to celebrate love, and roses are much loved and admired. Roses were the embodiment of love, spirituality, and beauty in the Middle Ages and progressing throughout history, have become a decorative symbol of earthly love. If you ask ten people to name their favorite flower, probably the majority would name the rose. Roses are given to others as a gift to express one’s love. Another holiday similar to Valentine’s Day is Sweetest Day, held on the third in October, also celebrated with Roses.

Although it is hard to believe, there are so many mysteries with roses, which are true stories, reported by people worldwide. Fresh cut long stem red roses (delivered by a florist) actually stayed alive for ten (10) weeks, a historical record! This historical record, an INCREDIBLE FIND, happened to Lynda Peringian, from Dryden, MI. This was documented in the front page of the newspaper, The Eccentric,” and witnessed by so many people. Peringian happened to be an author so she wrote a book about the true story. Now readers of her book, The “MIRACLE ROSES” – A True Story, are reporting mysteries which are connected to this book.
“A live red rose in the middle of the road!” said Connie Simmons
“A single red rose on the floor,” reported Judi Peli.
How is it possible for a nun, St. Therese, living only to the young age of 24, to touch the lives of millions of people a century after her death? Love is the answer. She was extremely full of love, not only with her family and other people, but with nature. St. Therese loved flowers, especially roses and she said, “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses.” That she is doing, causing a sense of supernatural phenomenon, a sense of awe.

For over a century, St. Therese has kept her promise and she is known to be a powerful intercessor to these who call upon her. She also said, “I will spend my heaven in doing good on hearth.” Miracles, grace, favors, and so many good things are happening everyday by intercessions (Mediation) and they are happening worldwide. St. Therese is known as the “greatest saint of modern times,” and she touches us all with her presence from heaven. She is known with many religions (Jewish, Moslems, Christian, etc.). Although some people think she is associated with only Catholics, this is not true. She is well liked and people seek her healing and guidance. She is known as the “Little Flower,” since she thought of herself as being a small flower in a garden.

A saint is a holy person who performs miracles. St. Therese’s ability to work miracles comes from God. She is a conduit of God’s power. Can you imagine roses appearing to people and causing us all to wonder. If it happens to you, you say to yourself, “What on earth is going on?” You are wondering if this is a dream. You are not afraid, but rather pleasantly surprised, and happy with this good event… it is a blessing! St. Therese often leaves a rose as her calling card and outward sign of her presence.

Although there are no traceable explanations to the fascinations of life’s mysteries, wouldn’t you agree that life would be dull without them? Surprisingly, readers of Peringian’s inspirational book have reported roses appearing to them, usually red in color. They have been fresh cut roses, but also silk roses. The floral industry (florist, gardeners, nurseries, associations, societies, and others involved with roses) have said “fresh cut long stem roses have not lived as long as Peringian’s roses.” Take note that these roses were delivered by a florist to her house which were fresh cut roses, not roses growing outside in her backyard.

Roses usually live no longer than one to two weeks, perhaps a little longer. People all over are saying,” I never have heard of roses lasting as lo
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Lynda Peringian, RD, MS

Internet – see (Lynda Peringian and/or miracle roses)

Lynda Peringian, MS, RD, CPC, the author wrote another book, Physical & Occupational Therapists Job Search Handbook (ISBN 0-96-22773-0-4 no longer available). Due to the success of her first book along with her healthcare consulting business, Lynda retired. She has been in many professional publications including J. of Abdominal Surgery, J. of Food Protection, Nursing Forum, and others. Peringian holds a Master of Science degree from Wayne State Univ. (Detroit), a Nutritionist, and a Certified Personnel Consultant. She has won national awards for her work, and been elected to many Who’s Who’s editions. Peringian resides with her family in Michigan, and is a busy caregiver for over twenty years. She volunteers for the Leader Dogs for the Blind and has many hobbies.

Peringian received a gift from a friend on Sweetest Day (October 16, 1999), fresh cut long stem roses, delivered by a florist. These amazing roses stayed alive for an unbelievable long life of (10) ten weeks – a historical record! The front page of the newspaper reported it and it was to the roses’ last day is a fascinating story. These “MIRACLE ROSES” are providing a spiritual connection and many good things are happening to people who read the story. Also, a red rose may appear!

This book is for people in all walks of life, all religions, easy to read in a short time, and a good gift for any occasion. The County Press, said “This uplifting book inspires readers with her interesting story and messages of hope and faith flow from the pages.” HAPPY READING!

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