The DNA Conspiracy
The DNA Conspiracy
A Novel
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In the aftermath of bio-terrorist influenza plagues that have devastated the world´s population, presidential aspirant Senator Harmon Hartman recruits his widower son-in-law Stewart Brewer to investigate strange goings-on at the GRAD (Genetic Research And Development) Corporation´s remote experimental station. There, Stewart discovers bizarre trans-species experiments, including one GRAD denies even exists. Stewart´s discoveries lead him to question GRAD´s role in combatting the terrorist biological attacks and the government´s official explanation about the course of the War on Terror. Stewart´s suspicions, as reported to Senator Hartman, mark him as a target by the sinister conspiracy manipulating the political system. Putting his own life in jeopardy, Stewart pursues his investigation into the midst of a horrifying experiment where the War on Terror, genetic engineering and globalization converge in a frightening future for all mankind.

THE DNA CONSPIRACY is a provocative entertainment full of action, mystery, and suspense. With startling plot twists and controversial ideas, the story connects the pivotal themes of our times. At heart, THE DNA CONSPIRACY is a moral story that examines the timeless question: Does the end justify the means?

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BARRY DANTZSCHER has been a professional writer for over 20 years, and is a member of the Writers Guild of America, west. He has written and produced award-winning network television movies. His play LENYA RIDES AGAIN has been presented by regional theaters. THE DNA CONSPIRACY is his first novel. Mr. Dantzscher lives in Los Angeles.

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