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This book is a modest effort to put scientific research in a Biblical context. The necessary conclusion is simple: it is quite possible that God did things in a manner that even the most devout human minds overlooked. Nothing science has ever discovered is absent from Scripture. A hundred specialists may dredge up millions of pages on the details. Hopefully, this book will open the door for them. After reading this book, one evangelical Christian pastor responded:

"I am impressed with the knowledge that you poured into your writing, and the fact that you describe strange phenomena to me in a way that I could understand most of the time. You knew that I would label your work as theistic evolution, and you´re right about that. But theistic evolution is way ahead of atheistic evolution in my opinion. And you took it a step farther. You presented Biblical evolution, and I think you did a good job of that. If I have to take evolution as fact, I like yours better than any other I have heard about. To me a six day creation within the last 25,000 years is most acceptable. But you have made a good case for your position, and I respect that. We fully agree that God is vast far beyond our comprehension, in his being, his behavior, and his creation. We err if we take that away from him. You did not do that."

The strength and beauty of Genesis is that every discovery human science has established in the last hundred years or so was already in the Word. It is only our limited human understanding that failed to appreciate it. How did Moses know that the entire process of Creation began with a tremendous burst of light?

C.S. Lewis wrote in The Screwtape Letters that, if someone prays for something and it doesn´t happen, then that is one more proof that petitionary prayers don´t work; if it does happen, he will, of course, be able to see some of the physical causes which led up to it, and therefore decide, "it would have happened anyway." Thus, an answered prayer can be as good evidence that prayer does not work as an unanswered prayer. It is similar in questions of creation and science.

Galileo Galilei wrote in his Letter Concerning the Use of Biblical Quotations in Matters of Science “the holy Bible and the phenomena of nature proceed alike from the divine Word, the former as the dictate of the Holy Ghost and the latter as the observant executrix of God’s commands.”

  • The first chapter, The Place of the Earth, reviews past misunderstandings. The most important point in this recap of history: the theologians who insisted that the earth IS the center of the universe were motivated by the highest purpose. They put the authority of Holy Scripture first, and the observations of science second. With 20/20 hindsight, we can see that it was their own human eyes that were poor witnesses, not their faith. This chapter includes a readable discussion on Biblical authority, starting in 1381 with Thomas Wycliffe’s translation of a Latin Vulgate Bible into English.
  • The second chapter, Let There Be Light, is nearly self-explanatory. It reviews some of the latest astronomical observations of electromagnetic radiation from the original burst of light with which our universe began, in relation to the opening verses of Genesis and other Biblical revelations.
  • The third chapter, The Fall of the House of Ussher, examines a more controversial understanding of Scripture. The “Ussher” referred to is, of course, the Anglican Bishop who ventured to calculate the age of the world in the 1600s. It is important to understand the church he represented, its relation to other Protestant faiths, the many non-Biblical sources and methods he relied upon, and the manner in which his writings were erroneously added to certain Bibles by enthusiastic publish
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Siarlys Jenkins is an unwrinkled old man living in a quiet little room, on a noisy little street, in a midwestern city with reasonable rents and a manageable crime rate. Often thought to have a graduate degree, he boasts only a high school diploma and several decades of voracious reading on science, history, and religion. He has served as a local church historian, prepared indexes for history and medicine textbooks, and once had an article published in The Door Magazine. In his spare time, he does tutoring in math and reading, and suggests outrageously accurate answers to history exams.

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