A Bettor Way
A Bettor Way
A Winner's Guide To Wagering On Thoroughbreds
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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The handicapper’s wallet keeps score very well. What remains in it when you leave the track is the final say in whether or not you won. Dean C. Arnold has tested his wits against fellow handicappers since the day he was old enough to approach a parimutuel window. His approach to building a sensible methodology will help you tackle the sometimes overwhelming task of winning money betting on thoroughbred races. Find out how to better manage money, time and data, and develop your own strategy that will lead to consistent profit.
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Dean C. Arnold is a a former Captain in the United States Air Force that currently works in the eBusiness division of a Fortune 100 company. He is both an avid handicapper and writer. When he's not at work, he's usually busy handicapping, researching, or writing about the sport he loves. He has written on topics ranging from handicapping to technology’s impact on the financial services industry. He has been published in The Bloodhorse Magazine and Horseplayer Magazine, and his “Spur of the Moment” column has appeared in every issue of the TVG Network online newsletter since its inception. Dean has self published a handicapping newsletter for friends since 1993 (for big stakes weekends, etc.). He won the first horse race handicapping contest he entered at the age of 21, a horse racing contest held at a Colorado Springs greyhound track that happened to take Santa Anita’s signal. As a “Generation X” handicapper, he offers a youthful perspective in a game dominated by his elders, and has tested his wits against his fellow handicappers since the day he was old enough to approach a parimutuel window.

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