SEXUAL SATANISM Or How To Seduce Women By Magic
SEXUAL SATANISM Or How To Seduce Women By Magic
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“SEXUAL SATANISM or HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN BY MAGIC is an outrageous and hilariously funny How To manual, supposedly intended to instruct the socially inept and sexually deprived male in the art of seduction; but in reality is more likely to titillate and amuse intelligent middle-aged and generation X women who read – and even a few above average worldly-wise men.

A work of wry, irreverent humour, it debunks the Bible and the blasphemous defamation of women and sex by the dirty minded all-male hierarchies of all three great monotheistic religions.

It mocks misogyny, the masculine mystique, conformity, piety, prudery, feminism and all that medieval foolishness dear to the hearts of fundamentalist socio-religious fanatics of all persuasions, domestic and foreign.”
--The Montserrat Times.

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Anthony Overman Author, adventurer, newspaper reporter, advertising copywriter, sailor, actor, screen writer, world traveller and lover of women. Mr Overman declined to provide an author biography on the grounds that his life story was boring and may tend to incriminate him. Instead he provided the following essay. SEXUAL SATANISM Or HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN BY MAGIC Notes on How this Book Came to be written I was introduced to Satanism by an extraordinary man who influenced me to write this manual. Sebastian Minton was Dr Jekyll and became Mr Hyde. As Jekyll, he was a brilliant young High Church Anglican priest who looked like Joseph Cotton. He was not all that sure of his faith and held the post of chaplain of an unimportant public school in Kent where I was supposed to be educated. We immediately took to each other and debated ardently on weighty subjects such as art, literature, philosophy and religion. Under his influence, and somewhat in awe of my learned instructor, I was seduced into wallowing briefly in the romantic self-indulgence of religion. My short-term conversion to Christianity lasted until I read some of Percy Shelley’s works including Ozymandias and his thesis on The Necessity of Atheism (which earned him expulsion from Oxford), and so I decided to become a poet and live in Italy. I confronted my clerical friend with the illogic of elitist, imperialist, racist, anti-Semitic Europeans (including Americans) worshipping a Palestinian Jew. Naturally, I questioned Cain’s relationship to his bride (his sister, his mother?) and the preposterous fairly tales of the virgin Birth and the Resurrection. The padre squirmed, waffled and made the usual evasive references to hidden meanings and God’s mysterious ways. Clearly he was shaken (although I do not presume to claim sole credit for his conversion), and our relationship matured on the basis of disrespectful mutual respect. The score was one all. Soon after this I was expelled from school after being caught in flagrante delicto with one of the skivves, a desirable young thing named Lily, and so set out eagerly on life’s voyage of discovery. A couple of years later I ran into Minton by chance, sans dog collar, at a gathering of arty-boozy intellectual charlatans in London where he was to read from his treatise on God, Sex and Damnation, subjects on which he had apparently become expert. The reading was a revelation. I was transfixed and our friendship was renewed. We studied the scriptures together, beginning at the beginning with the Creation, and I soon realized that the Rev. Minton was then in the process of becoming Mr Hyde, a compelling, disillusioned and slightly sinister overcivilized intellectual dilettante with esoteric tastes, Faustian tendencies and, I suspect, an inappropriate interest in sexual matters and a morbid fascination with sin. He urged me to write on the subject of women, which he insisted was my area of special expertise, probably basing his opinion on the seduction of Lily. For years, I demurred, being too busy with practical studies to be bothered with theory, but finally took my friend’s advice and wrote this treatise on the seduction of women by magic, for which he is therefore morally responsible.

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