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Blood Image
Tale Of Murder And An Ultimate Betrayal
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Although Madelyn hides a dark secret she’s kept from her husband for years, her marriage to Cheng Gao is all she dreamed it would be as they share a loving relationship centered around their precocious three-year old daughter Lyn. However, when Cheng’s brother, Xiong, arrives on the scene, Madelyn’s world evolves into a nightmare filled with mental illness, murder, a heart-breaking loss, and an ultimate betrayal. Is Madelyn’s glorious life with Cheng and Lyn shattered forever, or does fate hold the key to happiness beyond her wildest imagination? Don’t miss the suspenseful events that lead to a shocking conclusion.
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Pat Booth Lynch considers her life a true adventure. She’s discovered the joy of traveling to exotic places, engaged in a rewarding corporate career, developed talents that have expanded her horizons, raised a talented daughter, Kyle, and has been married to a dynamo of a husband Jack, who has made the journey seem like a trip to a candy store. Currently, while living in Florida, she’s involved in writing thriller novels, namely Blood Pearls and Blood Image as well as short stories that have won awards, some of which are highlighted in an anthology titled, Tales to tease the senses. When she’s not pounding our provocative stories or managing her Ease-on Apparel Corporation, you’ll find her traveling to those far away places with the strange sounding names in search of that next adventure.

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