A TALE OF REPRESSED IDENTITY How I Became a Catholic Priest
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A boy is born in 1921 of fervently Catholic, Franco-American parents, in a paper-mill town on the edge of New Hampshire’s Great North Woods. His father dies from heart failure at age 32 and his mother remains single to raise her five children. The boy grows up during the Great Depression of the 1930s, sharing a tight neighborhood with his Italian friends, immersed in a culture that blends French Canadian traditions with newfound American ways. He attends the Catholic parochial school that rises 200 feet from his home, and at 13 he leaves for the seminary.

From his geographically and culturally confined birthplace, he transfers into 12 years behind cloistered walls, cut off from the world outside. Bright, ambitious, strongly attracted to the opposite sex, he struggles against suffocating sexual norms and the dominance of his religious superiors. In the end, still doubtful of his calling, he relies on his counselors and on the voice of circumstance, and convinces himself that God wants him to be a priest. At age 25 he is ordained.

Twenty years later he will leave the priesthood, a living reminder that each human soul has a sacred need to be free.
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Maurice Fillion was born in Berlin, NH, in 1921, the oldest of five children who lost their father early, when he was 32. Their mother remained single and saw them through the Great Depression of the 1930s. Berlin, segregated by the White Mountains, was an isolated community that developed its own culture, particularly in the part of town where the Fillions lived, where a concentrated population of French Canadian immigrants, poor and uneducated but honest and hard working, clustered around the Catholic church and its parochial school.

At age 13, after graduation from the eighth grade, Maurice entered the Oblate Fathers’ Juniorate in Colebrook, NH, then went on to the Oblate Novitiate in Hudson, NH, and the Oblate Scholasticate in Natick, MA. Ordained an Oblate priest in 1947, he left the ministry 20 years later, having served 11 years at Saint Paul Center, a retreat house maintained by the Oblates in Augusta, Maine. He subsequently married, earned a doctoral degree at Boston University, worked briefly for an airline and six years at Honeywell Information Systems, spent a year with a career counseling firm, and later became an independent management consultant. After retiring in 1986 he moved with his wife Madeleine to Lewiston, Maine. Now 84 and widowed, Fillion continues to live in Lewiston, doing Online Personal Coaching on his website,
Writing from Tipton St John in Devonshire: As soon as I saw the title and cover I wanted to read the preview. Wonderful. I am going to place an order for a copy. As soon as it arrives here in England I intent to settle down to a good read!
David Mahoney 

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