Boise's Watergate
Boise's Watergate
University Place & All The Governor's Men
Casebound Hardcover
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   Welcome to Boise, turn your clock back 250 years... where there´s only one branch of government in Idaho, The Bobs: Gov Joe Bob, Senator Billy Bob, and Supreme Court Justice Suzy Bob.  What an incestuous mess!

   Strap yourself in.  Boise´s Watergate is a political roller coaster.  Someone stole $136 million in Public Education funds at University Place -- after tricking the taxpayers into "renting" a new Court House for $100 million.  Whodunit? Was it Cryptic Partners or the Boise lawyers or Governor Kempthorne or Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Revolver?

   If you think Boise´s Watergate can´t happen in your city, think again:

  • Florida´s Overland Express, FOX, pulled the plug when the estimate for its public-private Florida bullet train ballooned from $4 billion to $13 billion to $40 billion. (FOX was cited as one of Cryptic Partners´ qualifications to develop Boise´s Watergate.)
  • In Honolulu, Hawaii, 40% of the contractors working on the $1 billion BRT were under investigation, indicted, or convicted for money laundering to local politicians.
  • Sioux City, Iowa taxpayers financed a $35 million Theatre-Hotel Complex. Then, public-private developer Cryptic Partners -- who forgot to add the seats, drinking fountains and bathrooms -- defaulted on 67% of the Complex.
  • Seattle, Washington´s $2 billion light rail system was derailed when public-private estimates skyrocketed to over $8 billion.

   A recent study, Megaprojects and Risks (Cambridge University Press), cited the leading cause of public-private failures: "lying" by public-private developers.

What they´re saying about Boise´s Watergate...

“Of course it was a fix. It’s an incestuous mess.”  – Senator Stan Hawkins (R-Ucon), 18-year veteran legislator who voted NO on the University Place fiasco (source: Idaho Statesman)

“You are on the right track. But you need deeper background. I have it. I know where every skeleton is buried. But I need deepest cover. You cannot reveal anything about me, not even where or how or by what means you obtain info from me. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. You must protect this source even if a judge threatens to send you to jail for contempt.” – Deepest Throat, anonymous source

“I was the odd-man out on the Ada County Commission during the new court house fiasco and opposed that absurdly obvious scheme to evade the Idaho Constitution´s prohibition on long-term indebtedness without a vote of the people.” – Gary Glenn, Ada County Commissioner (1991-1997)

“Weighted, W-E-I-G-H-T-E-D.” Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthome, referring to his alleged rigging of the Idaho Water Center’s bidding process with a secret 27 percent “co-location” factor (source, Idaho Statesman)

“Finally, somebody with the brains and guts enough to connect the dots between the $100 million Ada County Court House scam and the $136 million University Place fiasco as one big crime spree against the taxpayers by the Boise lawyers, politicians, and Cryptic Partners. A fast read, this book deserves to become a best seller.” – Sharon Ullman, Ada County Commissioner (2001-2003)

“This book follows the trail of the illegal laundering of public funds through a scheme orchestrated by judges, county commissioners, law firms, urban renewal officials, and private developers.” – Idaho Rep Bob Forrey (R-Nampa)

“[University Place] was a speculative real estate development [that threatened] an Enron-like implosion of our finances.” – Wayland Winstead, Executive Director IPB, University of Idaho (source, Idaho Statesman)

“This book reveals the popular public-private partnership scams for the tax money rip-offs they often are.” – Iowa Rep Ron Nutt (R-Sioux City)

“Public-private partnerships have infected local communities across the nation and cost taxpayers billions.” – Laird Maxwell, Chairman, Idahoans For Tax Reform


       Table of Contents    

Introduction:  Welcome to Boise, turn your clock back 250 years

Chapter  1 - The Cookie Monsters
Chapter  2 - All The Governor´s Men
Chapter  3 - Cryptic Partners
Chapter  4 - Shark Frenzy:  Give-Us-Your-Purses
Chapter  5 - Holy Eureka, It´s "Hoover Time!"
Chapter  6 - UI and UIF Cookie Jars
Chapter  7 - Nolo Conflicto?
Chapter  8 - Governor´s Legislative Dog & Pony Show
Chapter  9 - Boise´s Watergate
Chapter 10 - ISBA Throws Monkey Wrench at UIF

Chapter 11 - UIF fires Cryptic Partners for $18 mil?  Excuuse Me?
Chapter 12 - Whistle Blower Winstead
Chapter 13 - Follow The Money
Chapter 14 - Absolute Power Corrupts


Appendix A:  Who´s Who in Boise´s Watergate
Appendix B:  Law Governing Conflicts of Interest Under the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct
Appendix C:  Article VIII, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Idaho Constitution, Public Indebtedness and Subsidies
Appendix D:  Brief Background on the ISBA -- Idaho State Building Authority

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About the author...I was born at the Alamo.  Then we moved to Japan.  Then to California, where I learned the dirty bop.  Attended UC Berkeley.  Got drafted into the Army.  Worked for the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, in the Pentagon and Saigon, a steel vault two feet thick with cipher locks.  Top Secret Crypto Eyes Only security clearance.  Cranked up four corporations.  Managed Pacific Northwest branch of  a NY Software Company.  Moved to Boise, Idaho.  I´m an investigative journalist writing under a fake name.  Nobody would name their kid "Deep."  And no, my last name is not "Throat."  I dig up dirty laundry.  Dirty political laundry.  On the QT.  Hush-hush.  It´s a dirty job, long hours and the pay stinks.  But it´s a living and there´s lots of dirty political laundry in Idaho.  I lean over a lot of fences, drink a lot of Rocket Java, and listen through beer mugs pressed against bathroom walls.  Right now I´m on my way down to check out another dead body at the Idaho State Legislature.  I better be careful...or it might be my own. -- Deep Throat II

Deep Throat, Deep Throat II, Deepest many damn Deep Throats are there in Idaho anyway?


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