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November 29th 1969 a cold and windy night a mother and her nine months old son in arms walking to find a place to call home. Not really late just dusk dark. Wanted to get back to my one room that I was renting didn’t want my son to get too cold. Holding him and talking he was smiling at me. He seems to be saying mommy it will be alright. I had to find a home for us.

I must have walked what seems like miles but really only four blocks but they were long blocks. I didn’t really know which, way to go just walking. God must have heard my prayers or my son’s smiles you know God watches out for fools and babies. I was only eighteen myself and had a son he was just about a year a baby raising a baby.

He’s getting cranky now wanting to cry and move all around dropping his bottle on the ground I stopped to pick it up and wipe it off looked towards this light that was very bright because now it getting darker outside. Where is this light coming from I can really see 1409. My new home a large sign reading Apartment FOR RENT.
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Diana Harrison, born in Franklinton Louisiana, raised back and forth from Washington DC back to Franklinton now living in Prince Georges County after leaving 1409, several, years of living in the 14 unit apartment building. Although I left the building there is still part of me there. Everyone that left 1409 still have something there not a left over box of stuff that should have been taken, not a pair of shoes, not a picture or a personal glass you always drink from something that will be there long after you’re gone. Their Spirit’s and of part of mine. ENJOY

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