Rod's Room: A New Earth And A New Universe
Rod's Room: A New Earth And A New Universe
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This book is made up of short articles, poems and stories that speculate on the future and seek to combine science with medicine and ideas which have always been regarded as belonging to religion or science fiction. The four short articles at the start (Gates>STARGATE, How to Create Universes, Building Doctor Who's TARDIS and Darwin's Evolution Unifies Universe) give the reader a condensed view of the conclusions my reading and thinking led me to. They seem to help explain points in each other. After these four are written the steps taken since 1999 to arrive at my conclusions.
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G'day from the Land Down Under! To be exact: from Stanthorpe, which is in the southern part of the state Queensland, in Australia - and from a guy who was born in this town in 1956. I've called several other Qld. towns and cities "home", but have kept coming back to where I grew up and did most of my schooling.) In the 1970s, I left High School to become an apprentice printer at the local newspaper - The Stanthorpe Border Post (Dad and my brother have also worked there). The ideas for this book came to me over the course of at least 20 years (at any time of the day or night, no matter what I was doing), and gradually grew more complex. And I still re-read what I've written in order to understand it. So did I really write it? Or am I just the typist?

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