Diagnosis: Cancer
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Diagnosis: Cancer
How does cancer arise? How can it be treated? A hypothesis and a therapy which promise success
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This book puts forward a Hypothesis on the Origins of Cancer. In this context it investigates the pre-history of a malignant illness and the maldevelopments within the human organism occurring during this period. Central to the cause for the onset of cancer is an adrenaline deficiency caused by exhaustion of the chromaffin system after long-lasting stress. It will be demonstrated that an acid / alkali imbalance and the weakening of the immune resistance have a carcinogenic effect. Findings from experience point to the disturbance of the interaction between adrenaline and insulin, the resulting glycogen overloading and oxygen deficiency of cells, setting off the cells’ emergency programme, namely anaerobic, i.e. restricted cell metabolism. Furthermore, a therapy based on this hypothesis on the origins of cancer is introduced, which has as its goal the healing of the organism of a malignant illness. This book is intended for a broad public readership and contains varied historic and general references in addition to the medical core subject.
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Dr. med. Waltraut Fryda studied medicine at the universities of Jena, Berlin and Innsbruck. She specialised very early on in the subject of cancer and has investigated its origins over many years, which ultimately led to a plausible hypothesis, set forth at many scientific events, in lectures and publications. For decades she has been successfully administering to cancer patients the therapy resulting from the hypothesis on the origins of cancer.

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