My Little Hula Girl
My Little Hula Girl
Casebound Hardcover
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My Little Hula Girl tells the story of a young hula dancer who is bullied by a bigger girl at school for dancing on the play ground. The young girl learns from her mother that expressing herself so freely and openly may attract teasing from others. They only tease her because they wish they could express themselves more freely. She learns to keep dancing and to have compassion for those teasing her. In the end she makes friends with the bully.
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Karen Anderson is an award winning photographer, a writer and a Marine Corps Officer. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Karen dreamed of creating books. She left the area 23 years ago and has traveled and collected stories and experiences ever since. She has served in two wars, taught ESL in Taiwan, backpacked through Vietnam and Thailand, lived in Hawaii, on the Mississippi River and countless other settings. She currently calls California her home, where she lives with her daughter Raine listening for the next adventure. She is also the author of The Art & Soul of Dancing Barefoot, a book exploring personal freedom.

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