Wonder Herbs
Wonder Herbs
A Guide to Three Adaptogens
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book explores the properties and health benefits of three important Adaptogen Herbs and introduces the reader to its research proven uses in medicine. The health claims made on Rhodiola rosea, Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and Jiaogulan (Gynostermma pentaphllum) are substantiated in detail by extensive scientific references. This book is not too technical for the average reader, but detailed enough for the medical practitioner interested in becoming acquainted with these herbs. The book details history, the role of herbs in maintaining health and fighting disease, bioactive components, typical doses, side effects and toxicity. This book remains a great reference on these three herbs. Dr. Saleeby was the founder of Vita SanusTM Formulations (Vita Sanus Nutraceuticals) (1998- 2006. Held the company until it was sold to Dr. Trevor Neil, DPM in 9/2006) With the publication of this book he has been called upon to formulate unique and exciting dietary supplements covering a range of uses from sports ergogenic aids to fertility formulas. He was the chief formulator and consultant for SSN, Inc’s PREGAME Tennis and PREGAME Golfer’s formula sports enhancement dietary supplements launched in April 2004. He was asked to come up with a unique formula for AdapTX Labs´ CadioFactor and PreFight line of supplements (2007-2008). As chief formulator for Ovion BioPharma/ Pharlian Labs he put his knowledge to use in formulating a subfertility/infertility herbal cycle pulse product (2008-2009). Some of the herbs discussed in this book have found their way into these formulations. Dr. Saleeby already a medical consultant for the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) became in late 2008 the medical/nutritional consultant on the advisory board of BeachBody / Product Partners during their new launch of a meal replacement shake (Shakeology). Dr. Saleeby maintains a web log (blog) via his web site www.saleeby.net
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Yusuf (J P) Saleeby, MD has been in the practice of medicine for over 20 years. With a background in internal medicine, emergency medicine and occupational health he spent the last decade and a half exploring the integration of his allopathic training with complementary and nutritional medicine since the late 1990’s. A medical writer and lecturer he was for a time adjunct professor at Georgia Southern University in the graduate Nurse Practitioner program. Self studied in the discipline of integrative medicine, his focus has been on nutritional and herbal adaptogenic aids in daily life and in athletic performance. Much of his research into adaptogen herbs is reflected in this book. He currently serves on the medical advisory board for Beach Body and for the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. Additionally, he is a contributing editor for American Fitness magazine (AFAA) and has contributed to the Life Extension Foundation's 5th Edition Prevention & Treatments of Disease text book. Besides authoring WonderHerbs: A guide to three adaptogens, he has authored numerous articles in regional and national journals and blog sites. In 2012 he obtained his journalistic credentials. He practices clinically at Priority Health of South Carolina in Murrells Inlet, SC.
I like and recommend this book for several reasons, but mainly because it gives me only the information I need, without all of the, “you will live forever” stuff in other books.

For me it centers on the quality of life results from the supplements noted, in a concise and straightforward way.

I actually bought five extra copies and gave to my friends. I am nervous about taking a lot of different vitamins or supplements without understanding what the benefits and risks are. This book is very clear and straightforward in that regard, without the hype.

It is an easy read and a quick reference guide. I religiously take Jiaogulan, Eleuthero and Rhodiola Rosea since reading this book and highly recommend this to anyone interested in better health and quality of life.

Dr. Saleeby's book Wonder Herbs, A Guide to Three Adaptogens, is very well written, well referenced and timely. One learns a lot about these herbs; their benefits as well as their side effects, something quite often overlooked when discussing herbs. The author, a well trained physician, goes beyond the usual and challenges both the practitioner and the patient to look for help wherever there are hopeful horizons. So much research and study in this field is ignored and put off for some courageous soul to take the first step. Dr. Saleeby, please do not stop here; go further and explore and expand on this very important work.
Michael Saleeby 

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