Escape! From An Arab Marriage
Escape! From An Arab Marriage
Horror Stories of Flight From Abusive Muslim Husbands
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Escape! From An Arab Marriage, Cassandra’s first book, includes her personal story and documented stories of other women who became involved with Arab/Muslim men who have come from the Middle East. The women in these stories have learned firsthand the truth of how women are thought of in Islamic societies—that 6th century traditional abuse and cruelty toward women, alive and well today, is still an everyday part of married life to an Arab/Muslim which includes abduction of any children to countries such as Saudi Arabia where they are forced to remain and where their heartbroken mothers can never see them again or bring them home. Also included in this book is a list of Islamic characteristics of marriages to Arab/Muslim males and of premarital relationships virtually every woman who becomes involved with these individuals inevitably finds herself facing. Not only has Cassandra herself had to survive such an environment, every person whose story is in this book has been the victim of a nightmare relationships she did not realize could exist in real life—and that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many such stories which are never told because the women are too ashamed, too beaten down, or too afraid to tell anyone for fear of dire consequences for themselves or their children.
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The author is writing under the pseudonym of “Cassandra” because of the desire to live free from threats of assassination by Islamist terrorists who consider it “blasphemy” when the truth is told about various aspects of the Islamic world. Cassandra, who was married to an Arab and lived among Arab/Muslim foreign nationals for many tumultuous years, has pursued ongoing Islamic studies on ideological Islam, the status and treatment of women and children in Arab/Muslim societies, and the growing terrorism occurring worldwide. She has also studied Arabic.

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