The Next Person That Reads This Will Smell Like Cheese
The Next Person That Reads This Will Smell Like Cheese
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Are frightening headlines about global warming and terrorism scaring your kids?

Get into the "serious business of worrying," with the story of Bobby and his episode with the alarmingly strange book. The Next Person That Reads This Will Smell Like Cheese is a book about a book: An innocent-looking children’s book that seems to cause everyone who reads it to smell like cheese. As the book grows in popularity, this threatens to explode into a global crisis, since no one will want to go to work or school when they reek of Limburger. But Bobby carefully investigates the book and its author, and saves the day.

Want to learn more? Go to for the official web site, which includes a list of the real-life news events that inspired this book, and frequently asked questions. You can even read the entire book online, all for free!

Add this witty and funny book, about searching for truth, to a child´s library today.

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James K. Hickel has written one nonfiction book on business management ("The Cost-Effective Organization: How To Create It, How To Maintain It", Glenbridge Publishing, 1993) and several nonfiction articles on business (for publications such as the Journal of Business Strategy and Manage). He has previously web-published one short story, which can be found here. "The Next Person That Reads This Will Smell Like Cheese" is his first work of fiction published in book form.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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