Breaking the Antichrist Code
Breaking the Antichrist Code
The Blueprint of Deception
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Without question, Breaking the Antichrist Code is a new first-strike tool that turns the tables on the Antichrist. Apostle Eric vonAnderseck exposes the enemy's tactics to pile on information about conspiracy to draw attention away from the fact that the true threat is actually the spirit of Antichrist.

In this thorough, in-depth study, the author meticulously and systematically identifies the demonic power that has seduced the world since the beginning of time. Uncovering the massive web of deceit and well hidden systems, we are made to understand for the first time the shocking and brutal truth about how the antichrist spirit carved the inroads to our heart.

This book is a manifesto, exposing that dark spirit whose influence changed the meaning of our reality. Apostle vonAnderseck helps readers see through the fog of confusion and offers practical insight and real-life application to break the stronghold of deception and find the true liberty promised in Jesus Christ.
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Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck teaches and preaches with apostolic anointing. The revelations God has blessed him with over a 30 year span is transitioning the church back to the vine of Christ’s covenant. The Touchstone of Truth is again given to the church, which is the sign of true apostolic stewardship. This book will restore the hope of each believer as the priesthood is restored to their faith. Learn why Apostle Peter taught that believers are called “priests” and that as priests Christians are to offer to God “spiritual sacrifices.” Learn how the altar of our faith is built with the stones of Christ’s knowledge, which in turn builds His virtues within our hearts. Apostle Eric believes that it is the true charity of God that binds us to the Altar of Christ and binds the brethren together in one faith. His spiritual sacrifices of prophecy refreshes the soul with the living water of God’s grace and fills the soul with faith. “For the Father gives us all things of Christ to worship in the Spirit to bring forth the fruit of His holy and eternal house.”
I bought 2 before and I want another one!

Very helpful and informative. I recommend this book to all.

Gina Bearfighter 

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