My Friends Call Me Motts
My Friends Call Me Motts
The Long Journey From Camden, NJ to Singapore
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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This is the story of Richard Martorano, or Motts. He had a modest upbringing being raised in the poorer sections of Camden, NJ. As a child he was quite inquisitive, very bright and a real scoundrel. He and his older brother Sonny were quite a handful. Throughout school, Motts demonstrated intelligence, athleticism and a penchant for pranks. He brought his talents and his unquenchable sense of humor with him during his career. An Italian American raised Roman Catholic, he and his first wife raised four sons. Over fifteen years ago he moved to Singapore, converted to Islam and remarried. He and his second wife reside in Singapore where he continues his long career in the chemical field.
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Richard Martorano, PhD- Dr. Martorano a k a Muhammad Ali Amin is an accomplished chemist who holds numerous patents. He has held many notable positions during his long career, having written many technical papers and teaching in his field. His doctorate is from Hamilton University. He has four married sons and six grandchildren. Dr. Martorano is married and living in Singapore. D J Cooperson- Daniel Cooperson is a published author and poet. This is his fifth book since late 2002. Having published many poems since the early 1960’s, he had a thirty-five year career in human services. He earned masters degrees in both social work and public administration. His website is He is married, resides in southwestern New Jersey and has two adult children.

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