Isaiah 53
Isaiah 53
Who is the Servant?
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Who is the servant of Isaiah 52:13-53:12? Answering this question is what this study is all about. Through the centuries countless commentaries have been written, tracts have been distributed, debates have raged over the identification of the servant in this passage. Here we investigate the evidence presented over the last 2000 thousand years for the two leading candidates for this role of servant of the Lord. The two are Jesus and the Jewish people. Christians see in this passage the literal fulfillment by Jesus of all it contains. Jews see it in its plain meaning as a historical overview of Jewish history and the suffering to be endured by the nation of Israel until the final redemption. Source materials used by opposing sides in discussing this passage are thoroughly reviewed. In particular, each verse in the passage is studied in depth. But, the purpose of this volume is not simply to have an intellectual discussion of the issues involved. Its intent is to make it an unavoidable issue for Christians that there are very real disqualifications of Jesus from being the suffering servant and to identify the subject of the servant passage as none other than the nation of Israel. Furthermore, we seek to educate Jews so they do not fall prey to those who would have them believe Jesus is the Messiah.
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Gerald Sigal is the author of The Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity (Ktav Publishing House, 1981), Anti-Judaism in the New Testament (Xlibris, 2005), Trinity Doctrine Error: A Jewish Analysis (Xlibris, 2006), Isaiah 53: Who is the Servant? (Xlibris, 2007) and has published numerous articles in New Testament studies. He has done extensive work on early Christianity and has initiated new areas of study. Sigal has spent over forty years as a lecturer and seminar leader on the relationship of the New Testament to Judaism and the Jewish people. He is currently working on a series analyzing the scriptural controversies between Judaism and Christianity.

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