Marlowe Up Close
Marlowe Up Close
An Unconventional Biography
With A Scrapbook Of His Ciphers
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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IT IS NOW PUBLIC: This extraordinary book reveals the last half o Marlowe’s life: twenty-nine years filled with high adventure, touching dramatic writings, his mentors, employers and friends, lovers, wives and children and the most difficult kind of loyal service to England. Missing from every previous biography of Marlowe, many events in his life now appear for the first time, fused from increments of factual evidence beautifully corroborated by surprising steganographic messages created by the man himself – a peerless writer and ghost of all the Shakespeare works.
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In 1943 Ballantine graduated from Pomona College, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar and English major interested in drama. Reading Marlowe’s works, and Shakespeare’s, she became convinced Marlowe wrote them all. Years intervened before she could create a library and gather microfilm and printed material from the Folger, Huntington, Lambeth Palace and British Libraries, from Eton, the Frari, Inter-Library Loan, English State Papers, DNB and more, and letters from scholarly, knowledgeable writers. In her workroom on a remote Florida farm, she began, in 1978, twenty-eight-years of dedicated research into the mysterious life of Christopher Marlowe.

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