Gasgeil's Bravery
Gasgeil's Bravery
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The mice of Swiss Hollow are starving! Only Gasgeil and the hollow’s bravest mouse can save them. That is…if they can make it past the razor sharp beak of a cunning seagull and escape the jaws of the fierce water dragon that guards an island made of cheese.


Won two of the American Authors Association 2008 Silver Quill book awards for both story and illustration!

"If you are looking for a book for your children to read, or to have read to them, that has some good principled messages and is still entertaining, then I recommend “Gasgeil’s Bravery.” Children’s author Christy Condoleo is at her very best with this colorfully illustrated story book for younger children. Linnette Rodriguez does a splendid job capturing the story with her artwork. The two of them produce a real classy book for young children." ---W. H. McDonald, Jr. – American Authors Association Founder

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Christy spent much of her youth dreaming, constantly creating stories or changing the ones she�d read. Then one day she discovered it was much more fun to write them down so she could share them with others.

This story was originally created for a contest that her sister emailed her. With the help of two extraordinary advisors and a great artist (Linnette), it was brought to life. This book, though it is her first published, is only one of many. She plans to have the first novel of a 7 book series ready this year. For future projects check out:
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Perfect Bound Softcover
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