The Quranic Calligraphy Classics
The Quranic Calligraphy Classics
Mohsin's Calligraphy Paintings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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God is the most beautiful and likes beauty that lies in His creation, shapes, figures, colors and voices, which attract the human eyes, mind and heart.

If the words of wisdom are depicted in artistic and colorful manner, it penetrates deep down the heart and is engraved there in with the power of love and affection.

Hence the fine art becomes the source of peace and delight. This book presents to the art lovers the philosophical thoughts and beauty of the Divine verses in the form of Calligraphic paintings with its explanations in English.

God the All-Aware, the All-Seer and the Wisest Being has taught His Supreme being by the pen, so that he may describes the words of wisdom. God has taught him to express the vision of His knowledge and perception in various beautiful manners, one of which is the calligraphy or the calligraphic paintings.

The viewers may like to perceive and appreciate receipt of the message of God in a scientific and philosophical depiction. The artist acknowledges by himself that he is not a professional painter or a calligrapher; instead he has attempted to apply his ability as a token of love and gesture of reverence to pay homage to his Lord in his humblest form from the core of his heart with the hidden skills which his Lord had bestowed him in recognition of his love, regards and submissions before Him, Who indeed loves him too and is kind enough on him by showering His Blessings, Bounties and Benevolences.

He still delights by remembrance of the moments when the art lovers at ISNA convention at Chicago appreciated his work and in its recognition kissed his hands and some by asking him as to which institute of art he belonged. Indeed their remarks of esteem mattered a lot and had great value for his art; which would have caused due to their extreme submission, love and regard for their Lord.

Since most of the Art lovers cannot afford, and it is also not possible for them to have this work of art with them, an art lover, therefore advised me to make it available in the form of a publication, so that maximum number of the art lovers may enjoy and learn out of these words of wisdom.

For the viewers couple of the calligraphic paintings are made available to view.

Preview coming soon.
The author is a retired Lt.Commander, he post graduated in Philosophy in 1964 and obtained law degree in 1973, and have been teaching at a Naval School to postgraduate classes. His mission is to fill up gaps and to take the civilizations back to the basic religion of Abraham, peace be upon him, and to let the children of Adam realize that they are from the same father and the same mother, having motives according to the same Divine religions developed through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and the Muhammad, peace be upon all. Let there be hate for none, but love amongst the children of Adam.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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