Stories From A Doll
Stories From A Doll
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Kathryn, a member of the greatest generation, once an assistant buyer for a major department store, an assistant fire chief’s wife, mother to a son and a daughter, a grandmother to four boys, a life long friend to many friends who knew her as “Kay” or “Dolly” is in her late seventies when, little by little, she finds her mind changing through a series of strokes beginning Christmas, 1986. Kathryn loses her ability to walk and speak all in that one December. Her daughter, an artist, who once worked in reading and dance therapy with brain damaged children, begins to see into her mother’s darkness and finds an imaginary world of her mother’s creation where both mother and daughter can find their way back to the Light and each other. As medicines change and therapies continue, Kathryn finds her brain healing through the things that have been consistent throughout her life, her love of God, people, and animals and a delightful humor to find out what in the world they all are thinking!
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Biography M.C.D. is an artist who has lived sixty years in Denver, Colorado, except for a year studying artin San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Coursework in English at the University of Denver and working with brain damaged children prepared recognize the therapeutic value of her mother’s world of imagination. But nothing prepared M.C.D. for the brilliance of that world and it’s suggestion that we could communicate with God’s creation all around us.

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