Where A Little Rain Comes Down
Where A Little Rain Comes Down
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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This is a book about the effect of prostitution, whether physical or spiritual in nature, on the human spirit. It is also a story about the hope we have in Christ and the difference God makes in lives. Love can be sought after in both a right and a wrong way. One way it produces death to our beings while the other, it brings a new vibrancy to life. But it’s all a delicate balance and if we’re not careful, we can fall away from the life bringing love to the destructive kind. The Bible warns that when we think we’re standing, we’ve already fallen. It’s when we feel we’re above people lost in worlds we deem as dirty and less than acceptable that we’re on the edge of the cliff. In truth, we all sin and make mistakes.

Come share in Rain and Lance’s life journey dealing with the heartache and fallout of choosing a path away from God and His love for a life of self and gods of this world.
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T. L. Wiens lives on a farm overlooking Lake Diefenbaker with her husband and four children. They run a mixed farm as well as a trucking company. Recently, she started an internet bookstore to help self-published authors have a place to market their books. She was inspired to write this book when one of her own children experienced the torment of a bully. Through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ what could have ended in tragedy became a victory. Her hope is for those scarred by bullying to find healing so they can live a life free of the bitterness.
Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool tihnikng all around!

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