Making The Bitter Sweet
Making The Bitter Sweet
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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How long does the pain of bullying last? For some, it becomes a lifelong search for revenge; others never overcome the shame. Paul Corey is on a mission to find justice. The pain and humiliation he suffered at the hands of a bully must be revenged. But he neglects to consider the full consequences of his actions. The poison of bitterness takes root as a community struggles to understand the motivation behind his revenge plot. Will all his fantasies brought to life also bring about healing? Or will knowing he has the capability of becoming a bullying monster destroy him?
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T. L. Wiens lives on a farm overlooking Lake Diefenbaker with her husband and four children. They run a mixed farm as well as a trucking company. Recently, she started an internet bookstore to help self-published authors have a place to market their books. She was inspired to write this book when one of her own children experienced the torment of a bully. Through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ what could have ended in tragedy became a victory. Her hope is for those scarred by bullying to find healing so they can live a life free of the bitterness.

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