Houdini Speaks Out
Houdini Speaks Out
''I am Houdini! And you are a fraud!''
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Revealing new insights, this ground-breaking book vividly recreates Houdini’s solitarian lectures which he presented from 1922 until his untimely death in 1926. The reader becomes involved in understanding his struggles to reach into the afterlife to contact his deceased mother during an era filled with deceptive spirit mediums. Each of the fifty glass lantern slides that Houdini used to highlight his lectures are painstakingly recreated and matched to his original lecture text.

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"HOUDINI SPEAKS OUT reveals that Houdini was more than magic and escapes. Houdini´s passion to fight fraudulent spiritualists consumed his final years" David Copperfield

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Arthur Moses is a native of Fort Worth, Texas, where he still resides. He and his wife have two adult children. He became interested in Harry Houdini at an early age after reading a book about him and got captivated by his fascinating life. Although not a magician, the author is an avid collector and respected historian. Moses is a longtime member of The Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and Magic Collectors Association, for which he has written many articles about Houdini over the years. He has amassed thousands of items of Houdiniana and says he feels privileged to own the pieces he does, but explains he is only their temporary caretaker: “Someone has owned these before me, and someone will own them after me.”

This is his second book, the 2006 hardcover release of Houdini Periodical Bibliography is the benchmark for researchers and collectors alike; compiling over 540 individual magazine titles with listings of over 2000 issues that have Houdini related articles. For ordering information contact Arthur at houdini.magic@gmail.com.


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