New Allegory
New Allegory
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Once there was a kingdom, and in this kingdom, far from the royal castle, there was a village that was so muddy it was called Mudtown. Everyone there hatred the mud. One day, the king decided he needed to build a new factory to make bricks, and that the mud of Mudtown would be perfect for making the bricks.
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Jim Owens is the third of seven children, so if you meet him offer him food. He started writing as a boy, creating hand-illustrated stories on construction paper. He then progressed to an ancient typewriter that cut holes in the paper whenever he typed an "O" or a "0". He currently uses a computer for his word processing, which he keeps in his home in Oregon, which he shares with his loving wife and a transient population of friends, family, and roving insects. He is also a founding member of the Dargon Project, the oldest collaborative writing project on the Internet. Jeffrey Plotkin was born in San Francisco in 1970. He graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1992, where he majored in Illustration. His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in The East Bay Monthly, The Funny Times and Japanophile. He has drawn comics for such small press publications as The Mind’s Overflow, Not My Small Diary and Reglar Wiglar. He publishes his own comic book, a humorous anthology called Happy Freak Show. Among his inspirations, he lists Charles Schultz, Gary Larson and the artists of Mad Magazine. Jeffrey lives in San Francisco, and he is a member of several artistic communities. When he is not drawing, he likes to read, watch movies and do volunteer work for local museums.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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