The Freeway Flier And The Life Of The Mind
The Freeway Flier And The Life Of The Mind
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is a book about faculty striving to make a living that leaves time for the mind. It is also a book about true friendship, bemused observations, small creative triumphs and glimmers of hope for part time faculty and other thinking people who fly along the highways and log into the libraries of our brutal, post-modern world.
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Jean Waggoner is a race car of a “freeway flier,” refueling only after final grading and before preparations for each new semester, at winter and end-of-summer breaks. She teaches English/ESL at several community colleges in California’s Riverside County, leads a creative writing workshop in Idyllwild for Inlandia Institute, keeps active in several professional associations and offers classroom management workshops through the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. Jean’s fuels are music, poetry, writing & fine arts. Douglas Snow Is a beyond-educated connoisseur of music, the fine arts, literature, anthropology, world religions and philosophy. He is an inveterate gay rights activist and an unapologetic champion of liberalized drug laws. He has lived in San Francisco, Eugene, Seattle and Honolulu, yet considers himself properly a citizen of the world. Douglas is philosophically Buddhist and decidedly not goal-oriented, yet he holds personal character at high value and is uncompromising in saying what he means. Jean sought him out as a co-author for the gem like quality of his intellectual musings.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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