Sit, Down, Stay: Dog Training so Easy a Human can do it
Sit, Down, Stay: Dog Training so Easy a Human can do it
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Humans have been training canines for years, and they have been goofing it up. Its time I barked the truth and helped people understand us Dogs. This is a very simple (so humans can get it), easy, fun way to learn the secrets of dog training. People can finally understand, its not commands that help train us, its giving us what we need, then training us. Use the S.C.A.L.E. to keep us balanced, and you will learn the secret for successful dog training. We want to please you, help learn how to make that easy for us. You can learn more about this proven methodology by visiting the web
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The Author, Dozer P. Kingsbury lives with his littermate Surrie, a purrsnickitty cat named Itty bit Rusty and with their human Beverly Kingsbury. His Brother/ littermate Bizy visits often. They enjoy living in a small coastal community in central California. Dozer’s brother and littermate Bizy lives close by and visits often. Dozer is a first time author, assistant teacher of dog and puppy obedience training classes, demonstration dog for many events, and purveyor of life. His days are filled with patrolling the trails along the beach and hills (on a leash), off leash frolicking at Dog parks, and working with his Human when she teaches, lectures or volunteers, and occasionally dog -sitting his rambunctious sister.

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