100 Years of Ceramic Money Banks
100 Years of Ceramic Money Banks
1850-1940 Vol. 1
Casebound Hardcover
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This book is designed to provide organized, accurate information about early ceramic banks as it is known to the collecting community at this time. It provides the most extensive information published to date. It has been reviewed by dedicated collectors with extensive collections for accuracy of information. It contains a gallery of approximately 1000 ceramic banks in beautiful color Each bank is assigned a name and cotains information about its height, the material from which it is made, its country of origin,date of manufacture and a price guide. This book is essential for anyone interested in early ceramic banks.
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Beth was born in Northern England and came to America in 1962. She initially lived in the heart of Chicago, but for the past 12 years has lived on a farm in Wisconsin with her husband. She is mother of 5 and “Nana” to 8 grandchildren.

She graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago in 1975 with a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has practiced in the fi eld continuously since that time. Her specialty is forensic psychology which involves expert testimony to the courts on a variety of legal issues with psychological considerations.

Apart from being an avid bank collector, Beth is interested in opera, the theater, gardening and learning to play the piano.


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