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S E E K + T H E + L O R D...
..while you can find Him. 'CALL' upon Him NOW
while He is near ...Let Them turn to The Lord
that He may have 'MERCY' upon Them ...for
He WILL 'Abundantly' Pardon! (Isaiah 55:6 7)

The Lord knew what lay ahead of me for BOTH my Dad & Step-Dad died in early 1999. He began to have me write ‘Love’ Poems from His Heart. Also showing me that His Timing is perfect in our Lives if we are, on purpose, seeking to Follow Him. I felt I had been exiled into the desert & only GOD could lead me out if I searched for Him with my whole heart! I was on the Throne, trying to lead my life & had to make the decision to turn ALL over to Jesus’s Control if I wanted VICTORY!
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I am now a sixty-six year old Wife, Mother, Step-Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother &, in 1993, I wrote a “Love Letter” to JESUS. In Sept. 1994, after several tragedies, He began to give me a flood of Poems to write. Testing me to see if I’d write at any given time of day/night! Thus, my first Poem Book was the beginning of a ‘Series of 9' Poem Books written. I have a few more single Poems, but not enough to make another Book as yet.

At the age of 59, I learned how to use a Computer & created a Website [now called: www.PatsysPlaceOfHope.com] & began to place many of my Poems on it. Folks from all over the World have visited my web-pages in answer to God’s Promise to me back in the late 1970's about going into ALL the World & leading Folks to JESUS!

I continued writing as He led me & before you knew it, I had written a 2nd Book of Poems. I was almost finished with it when I fell & broke my arm (I am left-handed & my right hand is crippled). I surrendered my writings to The Lord & told Him that if He was finished with them, that was okay. He began to give me even more Poems, & I noticed they were each different than the Book before it.

The Lord even gave me the Titles to each Book & [when I make my own Books] the Contents Page themes as well. Each Book has a Subject Matter all their own & as you notice the Dates on each Poem, you will see that I may have written about something a long time before I wrote the following Poem about the same subject. I was so amazed that The Lord opened my mind to put them in a certain order long after I had written that particular Poem!

I now ‘live’ in a wheelchair after taking several bad falls, but, if you want to learn more about me, please visit my Website Site_Map & click on “GrandmasPlace60". You can also browse over the many different Pages of Poems from each of my 9 Books & I PRAY you will be Blessed as you read them as I was in writing them. Then, go out & ‘BE a Blessing to Others God places you around, spreading ‘The Good News’ of Jesus in your part of the World!

Blessings to each of you,
Patricia L. Carpenter
God, I feel like I sohlud be takin notes! Great work

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