Lost and Found in America
Lost and Found in America
A Reflective Story of New African Immigrants In The United States
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Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, there has been much discussion on the subject of immigration to America, including the intersection of race, culture and identity. The devastating attack had an effect, not only on Americans but, also on citizens in other countries who hope to live or visit the United States. Public discourse has produced questions and concerns, but few from a personal standpoint. Lost & Found in America is the story of an immigrant from Africa, who, after the events of September 11, 2001, gets caught up circumstances that transforms his relationships, personal well-being, and perceptions about the United States. Lost & Found in America explores the multi-faceted circumstances that immigrants face, including how they deal with racism, expectations from home, the Barack Obama phenomenon, love and romance. As immigrants grapple to understand variations of American identities, Lost & Found In America provides a lens through which the folks from Africa see and analyze events in United States and tells the unique story of how new immigrants find a sense of belonging in the American culture. Reviews "Lost & Found in America is an outstanding first novel” – Dr Yvonne Seon, Founding Director Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, Wright State University The story in this book is real, fascinating and humorous" - Dayton Weekly News
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Tokunbo (Tokz) Awoshakin is a writer and public engagement expert. Awoshakin trained at Poynter Institute with Peter Roy Clark and Christopher "Chip" Scalan. He has worked in the United Nations and in Washington D.C as a journalist. Awoshakin was the 2003 Katharine W. Fanning fellow in Journalism and Democracy .He writes for Dayton Daily News, a Cox Ohio publication and works with the Kettering’s Foundation research group on community politics and leadership. Awoshakin has successfully conducted large group forums on the use of oil revenue in the restive Nigerian Delta; on HIV-AIDS & youths and on issue of Race relations in United States. Awoshakin holds B.A in English and Education; a master’s degree in Int.l Development & Conflict Resolution, Awoshakin is pursuing a doctorate degree in Antioch University’s distinctive PhD program in Leadership & Change. Awoshakin and his family live in Dayton, Ohio and Lagos, Nigeria.

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