All-One-Minute Poems for All
All-One-Minute Poems for All
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is a collection of simple, meaningful, heart-felt poems that is designed to serve pace and needs of every day life, offering guidance and showing, knowing about others and self. These poems encourage readers to experience fellowship, and renewing themselves with the way of life, can be, how it can be perceived, by myself, and others, in their own walk of life through life experiences here in earth, and to show the power in words. To remember our lives, to feel vital about living our lives every-day, by means of an every-day fashion. I write about poems because it is just, what I like to do. I write poems to learn, for fun, to grow, to tell-who I’am, who I want to becomes.
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My interest is to become a better and successful writer. I like reading, and writing: poems, books. I display a high level of effort and commitment to performing and completing work. I am honest in all situations and demonstrate trustworthiness and responsible behavior. I encourage and facilitate cooperation, pride, trust, and group Identity, foster commitment and team spirit. I present a neat, clean appearance, practice personal hygiene. Display a willingness to cooperate and accept constructive criticism, and set realistic expectations.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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