Facing Adversity with Audacity
Facing Adversity with Audacity
Thriving in Odds, Obstacles, and Opportunities
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In Facing Adversity with Audacity, Gideon For-mukwai illuminates simple strategies you can use to transform your life by creating extraordinary opportunities from ordinary or deficient circumstances. He uses fascinating, original and inspirational stories from Africa and Asia to reveal powerful strategies and perspectives on surviving and thriving in challenging times. For-mukwai‘s stories metaphorically reflect and depict the challenges faced by people in self-transformation from setbacks to success stories. In conveying his message, he focuses on showing you how you can: • Endure adversity to create profound opportunities, • Make sacrifices to attain self-transformation, • Trust your intuition in times of uncertainty, • Sow seeds that breed outstanding success, • Create and sustain trustworthy relationships, • Grow ‘cash crops’ that spur geometric growth.
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A little boy walks barefooted to a tiny village school with a shattered roof in the heartlands of Africa. His mother, a widow, is extremely disappointed to find out that her little boy is very reluctant to study as much as he is interested in hunting squirrels, grasshoppers and kingfishers down the river valley. After college, he embarks on a journey, in search of greener pastures. Over a decade later, that journey has taken him professionally to four continents. Along the way, he has met faces unprecedented challenges that have reshape and transform him into a better citizen of the world. Today, Gideon F. For-mukwai, is an award-winning speaker and motivational poet who specializes in resiliency, crisis management and communication training. In 2003, he founded XtraMile Solutions in Singapore. The outfit that has trained thousands of executives and students internationally in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Canada and the USA. When he looks back, Gideon fondly remembers that he began his journey herding goats and pigs, growing peanuts, pumpkins and potatoes for his mother.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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