Birdwatching with Bubba 2.5
Birdwatching with Bubba 2.5
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I’ve made this book a collection the stories we published. The stories, are printed here as they were published in our ‘bird of the week’ column for the SAN PEDRO SUN. Belize has the most varied habitats within its boarders you will ever fi nd. It’s not a guidebook but if you wish to read it as such, I used all the bars and bartenders’ correct names so you won’t get lost. We tried to make all the bird information as accurate as possible, but that’s not at all what ‘BIRD WATCHING WITH BUBBA’ is about, as you will see.

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I’ve built myself a little beach house on a small island in the Caribbean. I was a school teacher in the United States at a local collage in Memphis, married and living in midtown. I thought a dog would be good for our waning relationship; of course it wasn’t, and I wound up with the dog. He did turn out to be a rather smart dog, and, of course, we are the best of friends. I ended up here, talking to a confused birddog that thinks ornithology is his calling.

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