A Great Lakes Adventure
A Great Lakes Adventure
The Journey Begins
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Bodies of water always evoke a natural beauty, dramatically so that a mere human being who manages to find himself or herself in the midst of such picturesque unfolding is spurred to inspiration, or even just to document the wonderful moment. Such compulsion from nature sets the stage for Edward L.M. Spicuzza’s photographic collection, A Great Lakes Adventure: The Journey Begins.

Set against the beautiful Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, Spicuzza captures that nautical feeling which arises in witness to beauty unfolding before one’s eyes. Filled with the basic ingredients of scenic, limnetic beauty – fiery sun, firmament and fresh water – the collection presents a variety of cyclical scenes, from sun to snow, from dawn to dusk, from open water to shoreline. Spicuzza’s photography evokes what must be the unique emotion and experience of a mariner with every detail of change that comes with each season. The book is permeated with the drama of sunsets, the constant, worthy reward after each day’s hard work.
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