How is Your Brain like a Zebra?
How is Your Brain like a Zebra?
A New Human Neurotypology
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Intended for the general reader as well as specialists, this book presents a fascinating new theory that posits three major brain types created by sex hormones before birth-Polytropic, Middle, and Focal. A brief scientific background is given first, and then the theory is illustrated with vivid anecdotes about real cases. The author argues persuasively (and sometimes startlingly) that brain types influence many human traits and differences, such as personality, special skills, learning disabilities, and a whole host of medical conditions. This unique approach promises new (and practical) insights into such puzzling issues as hyperactivity, autism, nicotine addiction, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and dyslexia. Read this book to find out which kind of "zebra brain" you have and discover unique insights into you and everyone you know.

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Judith Lauter was born in Austin, Texas. When she was nine, her family moved to Michigan where she later met her husband, the poet Ken Lauter, in a poetry-writing seminar at the University of Michigan taught by Donald Hall (US Poet Laureate, 2006-7). The couple has subsequently lived in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and now make their home in Nacogdoches TX. Judith holds a BA in English literature, three master's degrees (creative writing, information science, and linguistics), and a PhD in communication sciences (Washington University in St. Louis). She taught and directed human neuroscience laboratories at major universities for more than three decades, before retiring in 2012 and returning to her first love, poetry. In addition to scientific articles, chapters, and books (including How is Your Brain Like a Zebra? Xlibris, 2008,, she has published poems in a number of journals, and won two Hopwood Awards for poetry (University of Michigan), an Academy of American Poets prize (University of Denver), and the Norma Lowry Memorial Prize (Washington University). She has two previous books of poetry with Xlibris, both 2013: A Year of Haiku, and Light from the Left; poems on paintings by Rembrandt (

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