Egg Whites & Ham
Egg Whites & Ham
How I've looked this way for 15 years
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Egg Whites & Ham is designed to simplify the complex world of nutrition into an easy to understand book that the average person is going to be able to relate to. In addition, Egg Whites and Ham is a short read that breaks down nutrition into practical terms and provides the necessary guidelines to direct practically anyone towards their quest to overall health and wellness. Whether the goal is weight loss, health enhancement or general fitness, this book really capitalizes on being a simple, easy to follow nutrition guide that produces high quality results.
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As an established Registered Dietitian and Personal Fitness Trainer, Rye Roberts has spent the majority of his career helping people accomplish health and wellness. He incorporates fitness and nutrition into programs geared to get people on the right track. Without relying on fad diets or the next quick fix, Rye breaks down what the human body requires out of the food we eat to support the metabolism necessary for fitness, health and wellness to be achieved. He also provides the outline for putting it all together so the average person can easily understand the concepts.

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