...As I Shall Be Someday
...As I Shall Be Someday
A Personal Journey through the 70's in Love, Peace and Protest
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…As I Shall Be Someday depicts the highs and lows, the soul searching, the effects of the Vietnam War and the love/hate relationships inherent in the generation growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Young adults were thrust into this era with no understanding of the real work world, no support or financial help from their parents of the previous generation and no idea what they were to do with their lives in the midst of love, protest, drugs, alcohol, and loud and wonderful music. From the safety of growing up in the 50’s to the reality of the era was a powerful awakening in a very short time. This is a look, in poetry and prose, at that generation’s conflict which never really was resolved in their personal lives. It is a moving and emotional look at that era.
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The author currently lives in Wisconsin and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, a war-protest hot spot. She worked in State Government for most of her career, but most recently served as the Comprehensive Planning Project Manager in several municipalities in Wisconsin, served as Board Member of the Wisconsin Master Gardeners and the President of the Friends of Dane County Donald Park, and volunteers at the Old World Wisconsin Historical site.

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