The Angular Ratio Transference (ART) Hypotheses
The Angular Ratio Transference (ART) Hypotheses
A Fresh Approach to an Ancient Problem in Plane Geometry
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James Mulberry is a staff engineer at the Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas. He has been an avid student of mathematics since the early 60’s when he studied plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry in high school. That passion for understanding the abstract world of numbers continued through his studies of analytic geometry at the University of Cincinnati, Milwaukee School of Engineering and Ricks College (now Brigham Young University Idaho Campus). He broadened his mathematical background through his studies in calculus at the Brigham Young University Provo Campus and now statistics at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Houston Campus. He has been engaged with the problem of angular trisection since 1988 when he was first introduced to the three classic problems in plane geometry: the squaring of a circle, the doubling of a cube, and the trisection of a given angle (all under the ground rules of using only an unmarked straightedge and a collapsible compass). This publication is result of that research. It is the author’s hope; however, that the reader will understand that this publication is not the final solution to angular trisection, but that the ART process described herein is a giant step toward that end.

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