33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner
33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner
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If you´ve always wanted to have a fun life full of great experiences and serendipitous events, then you´ll want to read chapter 11 in this book!

What if there was a simple, straight-forward life formula you could follow that might improve your health, wealth and relationships right away?

This information is a secret held by only a tiny percentage of our population.  No it´s not necessarily known by the rich and famous, but rather by people who have much more: A blissful life full of an abundance of fine things.

You can be one of them too!  Read the book, 33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner by David Jurewicz, right away.

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P.S. There´s a lot more in this book:

  • Use these two powerful laws to move things in your direction FASTER...Page 27
  • How to double your reading speed forever in just a few hours!...Page 57
  • An age-defying eating plan that can boost your immune system for better health...Page 71
  • The little-known actions you can take right now to become a great public speaker...Page 52
  • How to stay married a long time...Page 69
  • The shortcut to great wealth...Page 94
  • How keeping track of things can explode your personal production at home and work...Page 85
  • The ONE thing you´re probably doing right now that´s holding you back from great success...Page 54
  • The fastest way to a six-figure income without a college education!...Page 38
  • Going to school?  Get educated faster so you´ll make more money sooner...Page 60
Plus a lot more.

Ovations for this great book:

"Very well written and easy to read.  Great advice that can be used by anyone, no matter what their profession. Good job, David" - Roger Carignan, Executive

"David is one of the great motivators I´ve known in my life.  Spending time, or a chapter, with David stimulates you to go out and accomplish your goals.  His energy, curiosity and zest for life is sure to rub off on you." -  Kristi Garrett, author and businesswoman.

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David Jurewicz draws from a deep well of experiences

Author David Jurewicz draws from a deep well of experiences.


Born in Los Angeles where he learned to play the accordion professionally at weddings and at a pizza parlor, his parents moved him to a small Northern California town where he created a successful photography business in his teens and worked for a nearby fruit farmer in the summer months.  He always wanted to be a top forty disc jockey.  So he drove to the radio station he felt needed the most assistance in Sacramento, met the owner asked for an on-air job and got it!  He started out on weekends but moved quickly to the afternoon drive shift.  He was fascinated with radio equipment and assisted the station in meeting their electronic requirements for their broadcast license.


That took him to North Hollywood, CA where he studied for and got his FCC First Class Radiotelephone license.  There he met Coleen, the woman he married at the age of 19 (and is still married to her 32 years later!). He took an offer from a recreational vehicle factory where he rose to the highly lucrative foreman status in just a few months. When his boss wanted to cut his pay, David left for a customer service position with a new home builder.  Just as he was offered a large promotion, his application with the local electricians union was approved so he became an apprentice electrician and eventually became a journeyman. However, he had been selling real estate part time and was now earning more money part time in the real estate business than he was as a full time electrician.  So he left to pursue real estate full time.


David asked a public relations expert who owed him money to assist him in becoming a regular fixture in the number one newspaper, radio station and TV station in Sacramento in order to promote his business.  He accomplished all three plus made numerous speaking engagements and public appearances.


David now represents kind clients in buying and selling real estate, has an information packed web site at www.HomeRocketRealty.com has a podcast where he talks about real estate issues and even about his new book 33/13 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner at www.HomeRocketRadio.com You can join his semi-monthly e-magazine mailing list at www.8889ROCKET.com  His blog is at http://HomeRocket.blogspot.com You can also email David at Dave@DaveRocket.com


David has concluded that the more happy, fulfilled and satisfied people in there are, the better the world will be. That’s the motive behind his new book.  Will you join him in this quest?


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