There Once was a Place Called P.O.P.
There Once was a Place Called P.O.P.
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“P.O.P.”, better known as “Pacific Ocean Park”, opened on July 22, 1958 on South Barnard Way, Venice, California. This project was a co-venture of the “Los Angeles Turf Club”, (a.k.a. Santa Anita and the Lake Arrowhead resort) and “C.B.S.”, (Colombia Broadcasting Systems) in reaction to the overwhelming success of “Disneyland” which had opened just 3 years prior. This concept required the joining of two completely separate piers, in two different cities, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, and the rehabilitation of an existing “Amusement Zone” that dated back to the turn of the 19th century! “P.O.P”, unfortunately succumbed, and closed, due to bad management and changing demographics in 1967. Presented here are series of paintings and simple phrases. Which I hope will inspire an understanding of the difference between the directly honest “P.O.P.” contribution of an experience that is “Here and Now” as opposed to its competitors that rely on Nostalgia or “Remember when” as their theme and selling base.
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Dave Doherty, artist and illustrator, is a veteran of many theme park projects including “Universal’s Islands of Adventure”, “Universal Studios Japan” and “Universal Studios Hollywood”. My contributions to these projects was generally in a “Design Research” capacity and what I tend to refer as “Border Collie” detail. Dave is a Southern California native, with a BFA in painting from “Atlanta College of Art” in Georgia, and currently resides a few miles east of the “Dinosaurs of Cabazon”, in California. Further information about the artist and this subject can be found at and

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