Soldiers of the Night
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Soldiers of the Night
Perfect Bound Softcover
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´We control everything.´ Those are the words spoken by Hector, Joseph´s best friend. They live in the harsh gang controlled streets of Richmond. Joseph knows what life is, he knows fantasy from reality and lives his life to the fullest. Hector is a gangster stuck in his own world of power and believes he will rise to the top. Together they make it through challenges and try to understand each day. Though, when Hector decides to retaliate against an enemy, everything starts to slowly fall apart; leaving Joseph to make his righteous decisions to save himself and his friend. Set in narrative mode, this novel contains graphic dialogue and special twists leading to a compelling ending.
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Edward – z was inspired to write this book from the experiences he had in relation to events which occurred before, during, and after his high school years. At this time, Edward is 20 years old living in the East San Francisco Bay Area, attending a local college. The times this book is written about shaped Edwards perception of ‘life in the streets’, presenting a canvas in which to pursue his writing. He has always been a gifted writer through school and this is his first book.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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