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My Digital Photo Book
An Eclectic Collection of 100 Digital Images
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My Digital Photo Book is a book by photographer Dick Pratt. It contains one hundred of his favorite images. The book is not a “how to” book, but rather “why to”. It gives insight as to why some of these subjects were chosen to photograph. What prompted the author to give the scene a second look and the things he liked about it that made him want to photograph it. In some cases, there is no text, as the author just wants the reader to view the images. And in a few instances, he has written poetry to go with the photos. This is an eclectic work that should appeal to the amateur as well as the intermediate photographers.
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About the author Dick Pratt has been involved with the art of photography for most of his life. He has won numerous awards, had his work published several times, has judged photo contests, and had his work exhibited around Northeast Ohio. Dick bought his first camera while in his late teens. With a used, 35 mm rangefinder camera and a few rolls of black and white film, he began a hobby that would become a passion for the next forty-plus years of his life. Early on, Dick was excited about the black and white images he could get. He would take several rolls of film each week and rush them to the store to get them developed. He soon realized that he couldn’t continue waiting for someone else to develop and print his photographs, so he went to garage sales and flea markets until he found and purchased a used, portable darkroom outfit. It was at this point he became smitten with the desire to take and make interesting and beautiful photographs. Over the next couple of years, Dick tried to learn everything he could about film and photography. He even enrolled in a correspondence course, The Famous Photographers School. Under the tutelage of the old-world master photographers like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Alfred Eisenstadt and others, Dick gleaned valuable information about composition, exposure, lighting and much more. He put those lessons to good use in the following years, earning enough money to buy newer and better cameras and lenses. He was also able to build and equip his own modern photo lab. During the following years, the quality of his work improved to the point where Dick’s photographs were earning awards in local photo contests. A number of his photographs were showing up in publications and on the covers of a few national magazines... Cycle Age, Specialty and Custom Dealer, and Photophile Magazine. His cameras have recorded images of a very diverse range of subject matter. He has photographed nature, architecture, still lifes, motorcycle racing, automobile racing, custom built cars and trucks, weddings, portraits, pets and much more. Up until 2000, he used all film based cameras, photographing primarily in 35mm, but also in 645, 2¼ square, and 4X5 film sizes. Today, Dick has embraced the digital medium and has left his film cameras behind forever. He has been quoted as saying, “Photography has always been an art form. Today, it is more than ever, with the digital medium and Photoshop and other photo editing software programs, your final images are only limited by your imagination and creativity.”. How true that is and how well he knows it! Since he converted to digital in 2000, Dick has received training and gained valuable experience in Nikon Capture, Corel’s Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop’s CS3, CS4, and Camera Raw. He is always looking for ways to learn more and gain new photographic experiences - anything that will improve his skills and knowledge. The flip-side of this coin is that he is also very willing to share that knowledge with his associates. Dick enjoys teaching others and does so without the prejudice of a future competitor. He is always glad to see his peers succeed in photography. I believe it gives him the satisfaction of knowing, that in some small way, he may have helped them in their ventures. In closing, I would like to say that photographically “seeing” things is one of Dick’s strongest skills. He seems to find pictures where there are none. So, I would say that I can sum this all up by using another one of Dick’s quotes, “There are photographs everywhere… you just have to look past the clutter to find them”.

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