Southern Redfeet
Southern Redfeet
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Our democratic institutions allowed me to work for, and gain, a way up the rungs of the ladder that led to a rewarding way of life. Along the way, I experienced a strong example of the institution of the family, a good education, and the love, and enjoyment of some very special human beings. There never has been a person who enjoyed college life more than I did. The Navy provided me with fantastic ships to sail. Ample success in business afforded me my own boats, and a set of golf clubs. I have written about some of those wonderful and exciting forays into today’s, and yesterday’s world. Included will be escapades that encompass many years of taking part in trying to calm fits of temper by a lot of the world’s rulers. There will be recounts of travels to far away places, some of which were involved in fighting my way to get there; some of them will be exciting exploration and discovery; and some of it just plain enjoying what is out there. There was no need to be jealous of “ Walter Mitty.” Many interesting, knowledgeable, exciting, ambitious, destructive, constructive, abusive, loving, religious, and some dirty bastards, have crossed my path; and I have learned a little something from all of them, not all of it nice. I shall never be able to explain why the reverie process brings to mind the most unpleasant happenings in our lives as though seen through rose-colored glasses. The rancor has been deleted. The caustic language has been watered-down; and quite often, returns as a comedy skit. The typewriter tends to transpose those unsavory experiences to the page with a spin that leaves a more kindly portrayal of the incident. Of course, there are exceptions. Charlie
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