Moon People 2
Moon People 2
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Moon People 2 This story is about the space adventures of 1st Science Officer Captain David Braymer and his transition from the Lunar Base 1 base station to his new home the Powleens traded them called the Aurora,a spaceship that looks like a Moon also known as "Goddess of The Dawn" it is 10 kilometers in diameter and with light speed capability. It’s the size of a small city.It has everything a small city would have like two hospitals and restaurants and shopping malls all over the ship. Captain Braymer also has a romantic attachment to a young lady by the name of Lieutenant Heather Courtney who is an Officers Aid. They have a few out of the ordinary experiences that they do not forget any time soon and our new friends the Powleens have advanced us centuries ahead of our time. They also traded us for five of their newest ships in their space fleet all with light speed capability with all of their weapons in tacked. They traded us for all kinds of their gadgetry´s and even some of their food. That’s what they do,they go all over the Galaxy looking for friends and ultimate knowledge and trade with everyone they can find. Commander Braymer also has a mission to do a genesis on Mars that turns out surprisingly good with a few added benefits. One of the benefits was discovering a lot of Martian people and animals in a Noah ark kind of setup that has been frozen for over 100,000 years in life support chambers. They were all brought back to life again. There were many discoveries’ not to mention all of the futuristic weapons they find, with the aircraft all superior to anything at present by anyone. And nobody expected the Martians to have special mental powers like telekinetic and telekinesis and all sorts of mental telepathy powers like mind transference and the power to levitate in the air. Well everything was going pretty smooth until galactic war breaks out all over the universe and the final battle happens in our solar system. It was Earth with the Powleen people and also the Martians against the snake looking people called the Arcons and their friends the Thracians who resemble dog like people with sharp claws. There were crashed ships all over all of our planets and their moons in our solar system.It was the battle of all battles. It decided the control of our galaxy. If you think all of this sounds good wait till you read the book, its action packed from start to finish. I know you will enjoy Moon People 2. It’s some of my best work and don’t worry some day you just might see something that resembles “Moon People 3”coming to your local Book store or theater near you. Thank you and God Bless. D.M.Courtney Author
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D. M. Courtney is Married and a father of three, a writer and also does work for National Security on the part of foreign policies and war strategies and world economic equality. My hobbies are Scuba diving and fishing. I was raised in Miami Florida at the time of the Muriel flotilla of refugees from Cuba in the early seventies. Also did a tour in the military in the Army, went to Korea for a year. I’ve always enjoyed Writing about science fiction and I hope you really enjoy my book Moon People. Thank you and may God Bless your life.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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