Human Wreckage (The Life and Times of Slade Hanson)
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Human Wreckage (The Life and Times of Slade Hanson)
(The Life and Times of Slade Hanson)
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I am making a new start, I feel hopeful now. Life is worth living again. I’ve got many things to look forward to, getting a social life, getting back to the gym, redevoting myself to my writing and keeping myself healthy. I have faced many obstacles in the past 5 years but am glad that I came to grips with them. It’s been a hard fight, I’m better for going through it. In the end it’ll make me a better person, able to deal with more things rationally. It’ll take some time to be truly happy again, but if I try I can do it.
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This is the story about the life, times, pain and regrets of a boy turned man. Defined by pain, suffering, joy, happiness, triumphs and failures, it is a look back at what some would say is a failed man. But far from it, he is a man who has tried to hold his head high, because his accomplishments and failures defined him as a man, flawed yet human. Here is his story.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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