Craps for Vacationers Dice Las Vegas Style
Craps for Vacationers Dice Las Vegas Style
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This unique book about the game of craps focuses on the large group of travelers and vacationers who make trips to gambling locations each year. The book promotes intelligent gambling at the craps table by examining aspects of the game given little attention by other authors. These aspects include evaluating table conditions before initiating play, developing criteria for finding potentially profitable tables, understanding the concept of good versus bad bets under various real-table conditions, and emphasizing the importance of throwing the dice. The book is understandable so that all gamblers interested in fun and profit may benefit.

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The author, a trained scientist with a doctoral degree in biochemistry, taught chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology at the college level for fourteen years. He became interested in the game of craps from a statistical perspective, read pertinent books on the game, and began winning at craps on vacations in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City. As a former athlete, he applies athletic dexterity skills to dice rolling, advantage craps play, and the process of dice influencing. He is married with one daughter in high school and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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