Oh So Fine
Oh So Fine
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To my mother Marcia Bennett. Your emotional strength and unwavering love throughout the years you have shown to your children will always provide me with that beacon of light for whatever challenges life may bring so that I may overcome it.

Thank you.

Oh So Fine "Jumbleliar" is a fun and exciting workbook for anyone currently in a relationship, about to start a relationship or having been engaged or married for a long time. The book discusses over 300 questions you must ask in your relationships. The great thing about the book is that there are no answers because each person, background, cultural values are all individualized. The only answers should be those of your own and your future partners. Do not assume answers to any questions but actually ask them with your partner and have an open and truthful communication to build a long lasting relationship built on honesty and trust. While going through the questions, you will be amazed at some of the questions you did not know about your partner. This will be one of the best gifts you will get for you and your partner. You're going to love it!

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Paul Joseph currently holds an Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, a Bachelors of Science in Business/Management and an Executive MBA in Global Management. He serves as a life coach in Business, Motivational Speaking and on relationships. Mr. Joseph currently lectures in Business, Communication, Sales and Marketing. His unique talents (over 14 years) in sales, management, money management, internet applications, business operations, relationship communication, and marketing comprise from years served in the United States Air Force, numerous businesses to include the field of Customer Service, Management, Strategic Implementation, Marketing, Data Intergration, Entertainment, Insurance, Events Promotion, and Creative Strategies. In his spear time, he reads motivational books and articles, research world policies, writes, spends time with close family and friends. His outdoor activities includes, hiking, snow skiing/snowboarding, camping, wine tasting, various foods sampling, and participating in art events. A top performer with unlimited potential and creativity, Mr. Joseph is truly a professional in his field.
I bought the book for my daughter who just engaged. Those questions really help them figure out what they should be thinking about. I wish there were solutions also in it but I guess that's for each person to figure out.
Tracy Suthers 

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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